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How much is my house worth?



5 keys to appraise your home

The question in the title with which we start this article is a great question, and it is that it can be difficult to know how much my apartment is worth. Therefore, at Sky Marketing we are going to try to help you answer it through some keys that help you know how much your home is worth. And the fact is that the price you set is a very important element in order to make it interesting for the potential buyer or not.

After the crisis that the sector has suffered, prices are experiencing significant growth in the last year. Especially in large capitals and in the Mediterranean coast area (it is not the same to sell an apartment in Madrid than in Caceres). The sale of homes has been reactivated enormously and that growth may have made us lose the notion of how much your house can be worth at the moment.

If there are already several times in which the idea of ​​’ I want to sell my apartment ‘ has haunted your head, it is time to know how to choose the sale price and what aspects you have to take into account. It does not matter if you want to sell an apartment with a mortgage or not, there are a number of factors that cannot escape you.

1. The value that you give it

When you think about your home and consider putting a price on it, there is always a subjective component in which romanticism comes into play. That fact tends to drive up the price. Both because of the love you have for him and how much it will surely have cost you to get it to be yours ends up influencing the determination of how much my apartment is worth.

All of this is true, but you have to try to put a cool head, think about how the market is currently and also put yourself in the buyer’s shoes: “how much can a person be willing to pay for my house?” He is not going to pay that extra that you surely want to include him. Your experiences, your experiences… they don’t have much or no value for him. And it is something that you must take into account when hanging the ‘apartment for sale’ sign.

2. The value that the buyer can give it

It can be very variable. There are many types of buyers. What is certain is that we “face” people who are probably more up to date than you in how the market is in terms of prices, they have seen many houses similar to yours and above in the same area.

The price, therefore, can be a determining point. But let’s not paint it all black. Perhaps you do not know some characteristics that for these people are key: it is the only one that has a garage or storage room of those that you have already seen so far. Or you love the terrace. Or it does not have a community pool, which ensures greater tranquility. Perhaps you are very close to your job or your children’s school.

You can also find the ideal home situation due to its proximity to means of transport, public services, shops, ease of parking, etc. All these factors can make you willing to pay a little more than what you would pay for a flat like yours.

Try to be well informed about the market situation and the plus that you can bring to the future buyer with your home. This will make it easier for you to sell your home and could avoid potential deception from buyers.

how much is my house worth 5 keys to appraise your neighborhood home

3. The state of the home

This point is very important when evaluating your home. Beyond the geographical location of the house, the common areas … what state is it in? Is it old or relatively modern? The installation of electricity, gas, water … does it work perfectly? Do you have any element in the kitchen, bathroom, terrace … that can increase the price? If you have already said ‘I want to sell my apartment’, you are going to have to make it perfect so that new tenants can move in.

Don’t forget a very important factor that we talked about earlier: home staging. Small touches, modifications or tricks that will make your house increase its value and that you can easily attend or leave in our hands.

4. Market value

Now is the time to talk about prices. But in all the previous points we have said that it can be very variable. Therefore, what price do I put on the house that I want to sell? Let’s see what ” market value ” is:

“It is the net amount that the seller could reasonably expect to receive for the exchange of a good or service on the valuation date, through adequate marketing, and assuming that there is at least one claimant with economic potential, correctly informed of the characteristics of the product., and that both, both supply and demand, act freely and with a specific objective. ”

How can I know the market value of my house? At Sky Marketing we put at your disposal a free tool by which we can help you estimate the value of your home.

We collect the data that the Registry gives us and, depending on the characteristics of the house, we compare that information with that existing in advertisements on different online portals and in this way, we obtain an indicative figure. Before putting up the ‘flat for sale’ sign, it is important to carry out this previous step.

5. The price of publication

Once we know the market value, the next step is to evaluate, in addition to said price, what extras you think have not been taken into account and for which you think your apartment is worth paying more for. With this we will get the figure with which we will advertise the apartment in the different announcements that are made.

Obviously, it cannot be much higher than the market value because then it will be much more difficult for you to be able to sell it in a short time, but it has to be a price that you also feel comfortable with and believe is the best presentation price. I want to sell my apartment, yes, but always being realistic and wanting to make the maximum possible profit.

Of course, it will hardly be the closing sale price, since there is always a negotiation process in which you have to “know how to play” your cards. The closing price will always be in that range between the market value and the publication price.

At deplace we respect the publication price that you want to put in your ad, since only you know the value for which you want to sell your house and, although it takes a little longer to close the deal, it is not a problem for us. However, after a reasonable time for the sale, if it has not occurred, we will contact you again to review the price and provide our advice.

Any questions you have about this topic, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you make the best estimate of your home in order to speed up the sale process.


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How to sell a flat in the digital age



The vertiginous advance in online communication means that the consumption of digital devices and the use of social networks have an impact on our preferences and consumption habits. We can get the ideal platform to solve a variety of questions from planning a wedding and attending an emergency to even selling our apartment.

Surprisingly, online agencies have successfully entered the real estate market. Proposal? Taking advantage of the ease offered by the Internet to connect sellers and buyers, helping homeowners to sell their homes online via Sky marketing , with maximum profitability and paying minimum commissions.

In this post, from Sky Marketing you will learn how to sell a flat easily. Everything from home and with your own computer.

What an online real estate offers

The services offered by online real estate and traditional real estate are similar. Online companies have digitized and systematized some processes that were previously carried out manually, which has allowed a reduction in the time spent and, therefore, the costs of their services.

A digital real estate will show you exactly how to sell an apartment, while taking care of all the paperwork and legal aspects. All the services that an online real estate offers you will make the sale of your apartment faster and without worries:

    • Online evaluations. Real estate platforms can value your property immediately and free of charge, taking into account the characteristics in the property registry and the properties for sale in the area. These assessments are made based on data technology.
    • Preparation and publication of the advertisement. The agency will help you in taking photos, videos and all the audiovisual material that is needed to create an attractive and professional finish advertisement. The ad will also be posted on numerous real estate portals. It should be noted that this is the strong point of the online process, since real estate portals, the company’s real estate website, social networks for real estate agents and real estate email marketing are powerful tools that increase the visibility of the property.
    • Register as a seller on your online platform. This allows you to keep track of the process.
    • Visit’s rating. Through data technology, the platform allows you to filter between visitors who ask for information about your property, selecting buyers who have greater purchase potential, this increases the effectiveness of the process.
    • Issuance of certifications: Similar to traditional agencies, they help you manage habitability certificates and energy certificates.
  • Assistance in using model contracts and legal documentation.

In the buying and selling process, one of the moments that most worries sellers and buyers is that of the firm. For this reason, the service of accompaniment in the signature and advice is offered to have all the documents and contracts in order so that the success in the signing of the contract is guaranteed.

How to sell an apartment with an online real estate agency

The first thing you should do is find and contact a real estate agency. For this, it is good to look for recommendations online. The digital real estate options are numerous. However, finding the one that offers you the best guarantees is not always easy. Therefore, from Deplace we offer you the best guarantees so that you obtain the best results.

Once you have contacted the real estate, a systematic appraisal will be made where they will set the price of the apartment or house.

After assigning the price, the question of the exclusivity contract -if it is the case- and the service fees is defined. At this point, the real estate agency will design a real estate marketing plan for the property: they will take photos of your apartment and prepare the necessary audiovisual material to advertise it. The ads will then be posted on the main real estate portals and on the real estate website.

While the ads circulate, the agency will manage the obtaining of documents such as the energy certificate, plans, the rest of the requirements to sell a flat necessary.

Once there are different buyers interested in the apartment, the agency will help negotiate the final price with the chosen buyer, accompanying you throughout the buying and selling process. When both have signed the contract, you will pay the real estate commission and you will have already sold your apartment.

Selling a flat in the digital age

The use of digital platforms has made it possible to reduce sales times in the real estate market, which translates into lower costs for real estate companies.

The digitization of companies in these times is a booming situation. Business processes are modernized, adopting new technologies to improve their products and services. On the other hand, users in the digital age in which we live, continually seek to make use of more tools and greater comfort with which to meet their needs more quickly, efficiently and with lower costs.

If you are looking for advice on how to sell your apartment, or you have already decided and want to pay only the right price, then we are your digital option. At Deplace we know how to sell an apartment, we are experts in positioning your property in the most visited portals and with the best records for sale. We strive to offer you the best service, with an advisor always available. The contract we offer does not require exclusivity, and you only pay a fixed fee when you have charged and, only, if the buyer of the property has presented it to you. Selling your apartment has never been so easy!


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