to view your account:
Then:  type your ID(your consignor #)
  and your 4 digit PIN# (your password)
(these #'s were given to you on your 
contract and wallet card)

Our consignment is a 50/50 split

The ladies at Upscale Resale want all of our consignors to have an fast, easy, and fun experience with us.  So here is some tips for a smoother check-in:

- Please mark your items with your consignor id number
-Tape lids down
- Mark bedding sizes and other linens 
Thanks in advance!

Consignments Hours:
Monday - Saturday 
from 12pm - 5pm

  • 50/50 split
  • No min. or max. # of items required to open an account
  • No appointment necessary FOR DECOR ITEMS...
  • By appt. for items larger than an end table...please EMAIL PHOTOS FIRST!
  • If you do decide to just show up with furniture, we may accept it if space is available.
email photos to... UpscaleResale@charter.net

To view or print our contract

What makes us different? 

There are many things that separate us from any other resale/consignment/thrift store.  One of the things that  all of our consignors rave about is that they will be able to view their account online 24/7 to see all of their itemized inventory and sales.  We will care for your items like they were our own prized possessions.  We take the time to place each item in the appropriate room setting or vignette.  It takes a lot more time and energy on our part but we think it is worth the effort to showcase all merchandise in the best possible way.  This is what sets Upscale Resale Home apart from any other resale/consignment shop around.
you can: 

You may still drop off your smaller items anytime IF you agree to allow us to donate any "No Thank you's".
However, IF you would like us to go through your items with you, you will need to bring them in:
Mon.-Sat.   12 - 5pm
As always, this applies to decor items smaller than an end table. 
Larger items will continue to be accepted by appointment ONLY
(after we view photos of the item)
Seeing pictures helps us to pre-plan placement of your item so that it shows well.  It also allows us to discuss pricing with you beforehand.
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