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Our consignment is a 50/50 split

We will NOT be accepting consignment in our current location in January. We will need this time to take physical inventory, clean house and hopefully sell a lot of merchandise!  Moving everything to our new location is physically just not an option. 

We officially take possession of our new home on Sunday, February 1st and are going to be open and available from 10 am - 4 pm that day to accept consignment in our new location.   We will continue to accept consignment throughout February as well.  All unsold items in our present location will be discounted an additional 30% off starting February 1st.   
Also, to make the transition easier, our new landlord has given us permission to begin moving and storing SOME of the larger furniture after January 15th!  Parts of the building will be under construction, therefore, we are limited to how much merchandise can be stored.

  1.  When are you moving?  We officially take possession on February 1st
  2. Where are you moving?  Just across the street, turn into Huntsdale Subdivision, then left on Tiffany Ct.  #7 Tiffany Ct. (next to Tree House Learning Center
  3. When will you reopen?  March 1
  4. Are you having a Grand Re-Opening Party?  Yes, March 27, 28, & 29.
  5. When will you accept consignment in your new location?  Starting Sun., Feb.1st.
  6. Will you accept consignment in the new building in January?  Yes, however, we have limited space      for storage while the building in under construction.  As, send photos to           and we will contact you if space is available. * Any furniture accepted and stored may be in featured in our Grand Re-Opening ads!
  7. Can I come and pick up my merchandise?  Yes, however, we are asking you to allow it to stay                 through January.  There are some furniture items that we may elect to place a FIRM tag on.  Please contact us if you have concerns about any of your items.
  8. Can you pick up your items anytime during regular business hours in February?  Yes, however, we will not be able to accept ALL of your previous consignment in our new location.  Please ask our staff as you pack it to make check in easier for both of us.
  9. Can I just leave my items for you to sell or donate?  Yes, we will clearance all merchandise still remaining after February 15 and will donate anything not sold on or before February 28.

The ladies at Upscale Resale want all of our consignors to have an fast, easy, and fun experience with us.  So here are some tips for a smoother check-in:

  • Please mark your items with your consignor id number
  • Tape lids down
  • Mark bedding sizes, and how many pieces are included
  • Mark curtain and other linen sizes

Thanks in advance!

Consignments Hours:
Monday - Saturday 
from 12pm - 5pm

  • 50/50 split
  • No min. or max. # of items required to open an account
  • No appointment necessary FOR DECOR ITEMS...
  • BY APPOINTMENT for items larger than an end table...please EMAIL PHOTOS FIRST!
  • If you do decide to just show up with furniture, we may still accept it IF space is available.
email photos to...

To view or print our contract
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We will update our contract info. soon

you can: 

You may still drop off your smaller items anytime IF you agree to allow us to donate any "No Thank you's".
However, IF you would like us to go through your items with you, you will need to bring them in:
Mon.-Sat.   12 - 5pm
As always, this applies to decor items smaller than an end table. 
Larger items will continue to be accepted by appointment ONLY
(after we view photos of the item)
Seeing pictures helps us to pre-plan placement of your item so that it shows well.  It also allows us to discuss pricing with you beforehand.
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